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"Physical and emotional discipline is mandatory for dance. You cannot afford to get perturbed and irritated with things around you. If so, it will affect your art. The stage is a mirror; it reflects your inner-self. Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest dance forms of India. And to learn and practise that, one needs to have dedication and spiritual orientation on top of discipline." 

- Rama Vaidyanathan

' Sri Gurubhyo Namah '

Educating students holistically is essential for their all round growth rather than just confining them only to books. Dance is one form of art that stimulates and portrays the multi facets of a dancer. It helps a person lead a disciplined lifestyle and understand the cultural roots of our society.

Born in a family that was keen in instilling extracurricular activities in me, I had the opportunity to learn Bharatanatiyam at a tender age under my guru Smt. Jayashree. Moving to Chennai for my undergraduation studies, I had the privilege to learn dance under the able and competent guidance of Padma Shri. Shobana Chandrakumar. My dance education in Chennai gave me an outlook on the opportunities that are available in metropolitan and urban cities and the void of opportunities in suburban cities.

Later, I had an excellent opportunity to train under the exceptional alumni of Kalakshetra, Smt. Anupama Naresh at Paavai Nrithyalaya and perform my arangetram at the prestigious Music Academy, Chennai. The Nrithyalaya is aptly located at Paachal, Namakkal and serves as an excellent learning platform for the students of this region.

Bharatanatiyam serves a larger purpose of instilling in the students lessons such as time management, concentration, effective communication, personal fitness and healthy food habits rather than being just an art form. Above all, it stresses on the importance of the Guru- Shishya relationship and the traditional way of learning from a guru.

Paavai Nrithyalaya will no doubt be an embodiment of all these values marching towards being a cultural village.

With best regards.
Ar.Avanti Natarajan, M.s.Arch (U.S.A)
Mentor, Paavai Nrithyalaya
Director, Student Affairs, Paavai Institutions.