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Guru’s Message

Paavai Nrithyalaya is the holy place of classical arts where students get embodied with culture and discipline. The Nrithyalaya has evolved a holistic method of training students, both in dance (theory and practice) and dance aesthetics by infusing a fresh breeze. We set new trends in the format and structure of presentation and introduce new items with novel ideas without deviating from the traditional “ nattiya samprathaya “.

The Nrithyalaya is unique, giving importance to the quality of dance and continues to be a centre of dance activity where dancers and students come to learn, share ideas and interact.

Dance serves as a path to communicate with your inner self and leads to divine fulfilment. It is a prayer, a meditation and above all, a tool to attain peace of mind.

With best regards.
Smt. Anupama Naresh
Guru, Paavai Nrithyalaya